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Animation Reel May 2023 (Password: squid)

Roller Coaster |CalArts 2023

This is my thesis film! It's about a nervous girl encountering a strange spirit at the train station. She was invited to try on a roller coaster. Hope you like it!
I've always wanted to make a film about roller coaste
rs. To me, they represent the energy of life and the pursuit of otherworldly adventure. Those metal giants, forged by mankind, are created purely for joy. As my exploration of the literal "Roller Coaster" unfold, it got connected to a mental one, that is the drastically changing stress, fear, and anxiety we're going through in life. I hope this film can help you to find the courage to embrace and enjoy all life's challenges. As life is a roller coaster, and instead of fearing it, let's have some fun!

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